How To Troubleshoot 3 Common Pool Pump Problems

Do you have a swimming pool pump that doesn't seem to be working properly? A dysfunctional swimming pool can be a big problem. Your pump is responsible for pulling water into the filter, where the water is then treated and cleaned. Without a working pump, water won't flow into the filter. That means that your pool water could develop odor, an unpleasant tint, or even a film of bacteria. Some pool pump issues are mechanical and require professional help. Others, though, can be fixed pretty easily. Here are three common pump issues that you may be able to fix yourself:

Vibrating noise. Do you hear a constant rattle from the pump? It could be a sign of a mechanical issue. It could also just be downright annoying. Fortunately, this is usually pretty simple. Inspect the base of the pump to see if any of the screws are loose. It's not unusual for the base to come loose after long-term, regular use. Screw the base back down and see if the rattling stops. If it does, then you probably don't have any mechanical issues to worry about. However, if the base is secure and you still hear the noise, you may have a part in the pump that needs inspection from a professional.

The pump is dirty. If your pump is running, but isn't pulling water, one issue may be that there's too much dirt and debris on the pump's system. Take off the pump lid and look into the pump basket. Do you see any mud, leaves, or other debris? That debris is likely preventing water from entering the pump. As a result, your pump is working hard, but there's no water being pumped or processed.

This is an easy fix. Just remove the mud or other debris from the pump basket. Once it's clear, you should see water being pumped to the filter.

The pump is sucking in air. Pool pumps are supposed to be airtight, but over time, it's possible for air to start leaking in. If too much air gets into the pump, the water flow will stop. Here's one good way to see if air is leaking in. Cover the outside of the pump with shaving cream. Then watch it to see where shaving cream is disappearing. That's the spot where air is leaking into your pump. If the crack or hole is small, you may be able to repair it with some simple waterproof sealant. If it's a large crack, you may need to replace the part in question.

If none of these steps solve your issue, then you may need to contact a swimming pool pump repair service like Midway Electric Inc. They can inspect your pump and offer solutions.