How to Save Money On Your Heating Bills

When temperatures begin to plunge, people turn to electric heat for dependable warmth. However, when the utility bills start coming in, you may be shocked at how much electricity is needed to heat your home. In fact, heating your home in the winter can cost you hundreds of dollars each year. Therefore, it is essential you learn how to save money on your heating bills. 

Adjust Your Thermostat Down

Did you know simply lowering your thermostat a couple of degrees can save you a lot of money? Enjoy this time of year by dressing in a cozy sweater and fuzzy socks to help you stay toasty warm. Many energy conscious consumers have realized that is a lot cheaper to dress warmly than it is to keep a house super warm.

Insulate Your Home

One of the most common reasons for outlandish heating bills is homes that are improperly insulated. Caulk windows, install weather stripping to doors, and keep doors closed to help lower your heating bills. If your windows are old, you may want to place plastic sheeting over them to help keep cold air out. 

Heat Only the Rooms You Are Using

Do you have rooms in your home that you do not use very often? If so, close those rooms off in the winter and only heat the parts of the house that you use. If, however, you are using a whole-house heating system, such as a heat pump or electrical furnace, do not shut vents in closed-off rooms, as this can cause damage to your heating system. 

Buy a Programmable Thermostat

One of the best inventions to help you save money on your electric bill is programmable thermostats. These thermostats allow you to set the system to lower the temperature of your home while you are away and raise it back up right before you come home. 

Opt for Radiant Heaters or Space Heaters Rather than Emergency Heat

When temperatures dip down below freezing, you can help lower you heating bills by using space heaters or radiant heaters rather than your heat pump. When temperatures plummet, your heat pump must work harder to keep your house warm. Using radiant heaters can help lower your electric bill and keep you nice and toasty warm on the coldest of days.

Whether you heat with baseboard heat or space heaters, you can stay warm and comfortable using the five strategies discussed here. Lowering the thermostat by just a degree or two can really help save you money. Purchase a heating system that is the proper size for your house and keep the filters clean. For more ways to lower your bill or to get an inspection of your heating system to fix any issues that might be raising your bill, contact an electrician, such as one fromFeldman Brothers Electrical Supply Co.