Four Fun Ways To Keep Small Children Entertained During A Power Outage

The electricity that powers all of the modern conveniences of your home is not always reliable, and without it, your home can feel like little more than a basic shelter. However, if you have electrical issues, especially after dark, it can be even more stressful on your children than it is on you. While you wait on a 24-hour electrical service to come to your home and fix whatever is wrong, there are a few things you can do to keep your little ones entertained. 

1. Build a Blanket Fort - Blanket forts are always a lot of fun, but when you are going to have to rely on flashlights anyway, a fort can be just what you need to make your kids feel safe and secure during a power problem. Grab a few blankets, some chairs, and clothespins to fashion individual forts for each of your children. Give each one a flashlight or battery-operated lantern and they will likely spend hours in their new homes without ever being concerned about the loss of electricity.

2. Put On a Show - If there is one thing about live shows that makes the experience entertaining, it is sitting in the dark with all of the light in the room focused on the stage. Recreate your own stage with a bright flashlight and take turns performing short skits or put on a puppet show. 

3. Go On a Scavenger Hunt - For kids who are a little older, a dark house can be more boring than scary. Grab some paper and jot down a list of items that will be a little challenging to find in the dark to create your own power-outage scavenger hunt. Whoever finds the most items on the list with their flashlight should get a special treat or reward. 

4. Dark Room Challenges - If your kids are not too afraid of the dark, a simple game of dark room challenges can be a lot of fun. It can be incredibly difficult to perform some tasks without light, such as putting on pajamas the correct way or even applying makeup. Create a fun list of power outage challenges and get ready to laugh at the failed attempts to accomplish normal activities with no light. 

Even though having issues with your electricity in the middle of the night can be a drag for you and your kids, with a little creative thinking, you can easily pass time while you wait on an electrician. You may even find that being in the dark is not so bad after all.