Simple Ways to Keep Cool while Your Air Conditioning Is Being Repaired

Hiring a professional to fix your central air conditioning when it stops working correctly allows you to breathe a sigh of relief if you've been suffering from the excessive heat in your home since the AC started acting up. Once an electrician or air conditioner repair person visits your home and diagnoses the nature of the problem, it can often be a couple days until the person can get the correct parts to fix it. If it's hot outside during this period, your home can become uncomfortable and prompt you to make a special effort to stay cool. Sipping on ice water and hopping in a cold shower are effective strategies, but there are some other creative ways you can keep comfortable.

Relocate to the Basement

A home's basement is often several degrees cooler than the other floors, so it makes sense to spend as much time in this cool area as you can. Consider eating meals in the basement, spending time watching movies or playing games with your family, or even setting up some air mattresses or using a pull-out couch to sleep in the basement. If you have young children, you can pitch this idea as a fun adventure of camping out at home, which can help to take the kids' minds off the heat in the rest of the home.

Minimize Your Use of Electronics

While it might be common sense to avoid running the oven for long periods when your home is hot, other electronics can also boost the heat inside your home. Computers, televisions, toasters, and hair dryers can all heat the surrounding air and add to your home's overall temperature. Think of alternatives to using these electronics—if you wish to watch TV, do it in the coolness of the basement, for example. Similarly, keep as many lights off as possible. Another option is to switch your traditional incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs, which produce less heat.

Cool the Air with a Fan

Fans don't provide a ton of refreshment when the air is already hot, but a simple change can cool down the air that your fan circulates. Soak an old T-shirt in ice-cold water and hang it in front of the fan or fill a shallow baking pan with water and ice cubes and place it in the fan's path. As the fan's air passes through or over these chilly zones, its temperature will reduce slightly and provide some relief.

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