Cooling Without The Costs: 3 Practical Solutions To Radically Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

The cost of cooling your home during the summer months can be a substantial part of your household budget. The costs can also be hidden during the times when you use the AC less, but it is still running and using energy. Simple solutions like adjusting the thermostat can radically reduce your energy costs. Here are some tips to help reduce your cooling costs and still keep your home cool: 

1.Turning The Air Drastically Down During The Coolest Months

Turning the thermostat down is something that you may hear during the summer months, but it is something to consider all year. During the winter months when you do not need the air, turn the temperature down drastically. This will ensure that the AC does not come on when it is not supposed to and waste electricity. Reducing the times your AC is on when it is not needed can greatly reduce your energy costs. 

2. Prepare For Summer With A Thorough Cleaning Of Your AC

Spring maintenance is an important chore that is needed for your AC unit. It is best to have an HVAC technician review your system and do repairs. To do your part, you may want to thoroughly clean your system. This can include cleaning vents, as well as the outdoor unit that houses the condensation pump and other important parts of your system. Clean it and make sure that there is not debris here. In addition, check the drain lines can free them of any debris that has clogged them during the winter months.

3. Using The Thermostat To Program Temperature Settings For Optimal Efficiency

The modern thermostats are programmable, but many homeowners do not take full advantage of these features. Take the time to program your thermostat for optimal performance and you will see that this can have a significant impact on the energy consumption of your AC. This can be programming the AC to reduce temperature while you are at work or at night, and to turn it up when you arrive home. This is something you may want to do more frequently according to the weather outside to ensure your system has maximum performance.

These are some tips to help you radically reduce your energy costs and get your cooling under control. If you need help with maintenance and energy efficient improvements to your AC, contact an electrical contractor (such as one from Palmer Electric Inc.) to get help with improvements to your home.