Three Things To Help Get Your Through A Hurricane

Hurricanes can accumulate wind speeds up to 160 miles per hour and let off 2.4 trillion gallons of water a day. Because of this, your home can easily get damaged causing you to transform into survival mode. If you do not have a hurricane preparedness plan in place, it is essential that you do so. This will help you not only survive much longer in bad conditions, but it can relieve a lot of anxiety for you and your family when you find yourselves in the middle of a hurricane. Here are some things you should have available in case of a hurricane.

Weather Radio and Batteries

One of the most important things you should have available when you suspect a hurricane is a weather radio. This lets you know what the current conditions are so you can know when you should get ready for the storm. Additionally, you want to have an extra set of batteries on hand in case you do not have access to your weather stations on TV. Many weather radios have an alert feature on them. This means the radio is quiet until there are dangerous conditions, and then it will alert you. Since many fatalities from hurricanes occur during the night, it is important to have something that will alert you even when you are sleeping.

Portable Generator

Another great thing to have in the middle of a hurricane is a generator. When the storm is so bad that it knocks your electricity out, a generator can help you get power back. In general, if you need a generator for just a few appliances, you can expect to pay around $1000, whereas if you need a generator to power up the whole house, you can expect to pay around $3700 to $5000. Even if you think you can wait out a storm without power, you have to remember this could limit all cooking, washing clothes, taking a shower, and much more. Companies like Powell's Electric Service, Inc. can tell you more about generators.

Water Purification Kit

Clean water is essential to making it through a hurricane healthy. A person can generally live a week without water before perishing. That is if the conditions are not too extreme. It is important that you not only have water to drink, but that the water is purified. This can happen by having a water purification kit. Since flooding is prominent during hurricanes, you will need to make sure you clean the water that is accessible before you and any family members drink it.