Thanksgiving Dining Room: Lighting Upgrades To Improve The Mood & Holiday Atmosphere

Planning a Thanksgiving meal requires a lot more than just stuffing a turkey. Table settings, decorations, and the perfect atmosphere can make a huge difference on the way that the holiday is celebrated. One of the biggest impacts on the mood and experience of the room is the lighting. An electrician can install lighting upgrades and installations to help dramatically improve the look of a Thanksgiving meal. These upgrades may be subtle, but they can have a big impact on the moods and experience of your guests during the holiday. After the lights are installed, they can be enjoyed during Thanksgiving and during other big dinners throughout the years.

Wall Accent Lighting

With multiple family and friends over for Thanksgiving, you do not want the room to feel small and tightly packed. You can greatly expand the feel of the room by having wall accent lighting installed. These lights face upwards and help add illumination to the walls and ceiling. When someone enters the room, it will feel like the room is much larger and open. Wall lighting fixtures can be purchased in a number of stylish designs and finishes. An electrician can install a dimmer switch to these lights so that you have the ability to adjust the brightness create different moods for the room.

Hanging Pendants

Instead of having just one main light over the center of a dining room table, you can evenly light the whole thing with the installation of hanging pendant lights. These light designs are spread evenly across a table setting to eliminate shadows and easily light up the whole Thanksgiving spread. The use of the pendants can also add a pleasing aesthetic to the room and create a pleasant dining room experience. Pendant light holders are made in a variety of materials, including glass and metal.

Recessed Lighting

A dining room may have other areas that need to be properly lit for the Thanksgiving feast. For example, you may have a table for desserts or a small stand for extras like napkins, plate settings, or drink serving areas. Easily illuminate the whole room with the installation of recessed lighting. It will make it easy for everyone to see and help prevent any accidents or spills. The recessed lighting would be installed in the ceiling of the dining room. An electrician can spread it out evenly across the room to ensure that every corner is properly lit.

New lighting installations can have a dramatic difference on your Thanksgiving holiday. Hire an electrician at least a few weeks before Thanksgiving to have everything ready for the big day. Contact a company like Etheridge Electric Company Inc to get started.