Why You Should Consider Installing New Electrical Wiring In Your Home When You Renovate

Fixing up an older home often entails tearing out drywall that's covered in multiple coats of paint so new drywall can be installed for an improved appearance. If you're planning on taking out the drywall anyway, it's the perfect time to have new electrical wiring installed. Even if the old wiring is sufficient for your needs, new wiring can make life more convenient and improve fire safety in your home. Here's how.

You Have More Choices In Lighting

You can include lighting just where you want it as you renovate the house when you add new wiring. You can have wiring put in for ceiling lights or recessed lights. You may want wall-mounted lights or you might just need extra outlets in your rooms for additional floor lamps. If you put up with dim lighting now because you don't have wiring in place to expand your options, then putting in new wiring when you remodel is an excellent idea. You can also have it installed for overhead fans or vent fans in a bathroom.

You'll Get More Outlets For The Kitchen

Older homes are usually short on electrical outlets, especially in the kitchen. That's because there weren't as many electrical appliances years ago so there wasn't a need for multiple outlets. Today, there are several small appliances you need to power and some of them draw a lot of electricity when they turn on, such as the microwave or a toaster oven. You may need more outlets so you can run several appliances at once without tripping a circuit. Upgraded kitchen wiring also allows you to buy the latest models in ovens and refrigerators. Plus, you'll be able to have modern outlets that include GFCI protection and the ability to charge electronic devices.

Your Wiring Will Be Safer

Your older home might have aluminum wiring. This type of wiring is no longer used because it is a safety hazard. When your walls are opened up, you may want to have the wiring replaced just to give you peace of mind. Also, by putting in new wiring and new outlets, you reduce the load on a single circuit so it won't overheat. More outlets means less need for extension cords which can be a trip and fire hazard.

Electrical wiring installation is a job for a licensed contractor. Your local codes might even require that all electrical work is done by a contractor and then inspected by a city official. Regulations like this are in place to ensure the work is done up to code so your home is safe from fire and your family is safe from an electrical shock. For more information, contact companies like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc.