Adding A Room? Consider These 4 Electrical Plans

When you decide to add a new room in your home, there are many different things to consider. One of the bigger things is adding to the electrical system. You will need everything from outlets and switches, to air conditioning and heat in the new room. Here are some electrical considerations to keep in mind. Where to Put Outlets and Switches When you are adding a brand new room, one of the biggest considerations to make is where you will place the outlets and switches, and how many you need. Read More 

Two Tips For Reducing Your Home’s Power Surge Risk

Electrical surges are a serious threat to the stability of your home, and yet they are a concern that many homeowners overlook. Electrical surges can run through your home's wiring, damaging the appliances, electronics and the basic electrical infrastructure. Even if you aren't seeing any particularly obvious surges, the progression of damage from repeated small spikes can be significant. Here are a few tips to help you protect your home from electrical surges and avoid the risk of serious wiring damage. Read More 

Simple Ways to Keep Cool while Your Air Conditioning Is Being Repaired

Hiring a professional to fix your central air conditioning when it stops working correctly allows you to breathe a sigh of relief if you've been suffering from the excessive heat in your home since the AC started acting up. Once an electrician or air conditioner repair person visits your home and diagnoses the nature of the problem, it can often be a couple days until the person can get the correct parts to fix it. Read More 

Four Fun Ways To Keep Small Children Entertained During A Power Outage

The electricity that powers all of the modern conveniences of your home is not always reliable, and without it, your home can feel like little more than a basic shelter. However, if you have electrical issues, especially after dark, it can be even more stressful on your children than it is on you. While you wait on a 24-hour electrical service to come to your home and fix whatever is wrong, there are a few things you can do to keep your little ones entertained. Read More 

Repairing A Loose Outlet Box

While it's always a good idea to call an electrical contractor to perform major electrical repairs or upgrades, there are some jobs that require no special tools and little knowledge of electrical components. Fixing a loose outlet box is one of these tasks. Why would an outlet box come loose? Your electrical outlets are installed inside an outlet box in your wall. If the outlet was installed after the home was built, the outlet box had to be installed inside a finished wall, instead of being nailed to a wall stud before the wall was added. Read More