Electric Shock Drowning: What You Need To Know

When you see an open body of water, you probably do not think about any dangers around you. The first thing you think about, especially as a kid, is jumping into that water and cooling off. One of the biggest dangers that surrounds fresh water and jumping into it blindly is electrical shock. Most people do not think about being electrocuted when they run down the ramp into that body of fresh water, but it is a danger that does exist and one that needs to be explored. Read More 

Replacing Your Overhead Light With A Ceiling Fan

You can cut down your heating and cooling bill by keeping the air circulated through your house. Ceiling fans are an efficient and attractive way to do this in nearly any room in the house. You could have a residential electrical services company do the installation for you. Or with a few simple tools and a couple of hours, you can have a ceiling fan up by following these instructions. Read More 

How To Layer Your Kitchen Lighting

A single bright light in the center of your kitchen is probably not the best option for all your kitchen tasks. Instead, a more user-friendly option is to plan your lighting in layers. Develop a targeted plan that appropriately illuminates your kitchen for all its uses. Make a Layout Your kitchen hosts numerous tasks, from food preparation to family gathering. Within food preparation alone, you probably have numerous tasks that you complete in different spots of the kitchen. Read More 

How To Replace An Existing Outlet With A Surge Protector Outlet

As school begins for many students, laptops, desktops, and tablets will be used extensively in bedrooms and family rooms. A single power surge can cause valuable data to be lost, or, worse yet, can render every device plugged into the line inoperable. Many families use power strips equipped with surge protection to avoid these issues. However, power strips are unsightly and create a tripping hazard when they are strewn across the floor. Read More 

Make Sure Your House Is Safe By Getting An Electrical Inspection

If you recently purchased an older home and suspect that it may have some electrical issues, you might want to hire a residential electrician to perform an electrical inspection on the home. Approximately 28,600 fires occur in homes each year from faulty electrical systems, and you may be able to prevent a fire in your house by making a few changes. Here are three things an electrical inspection will reveal in your home. Read More